A few words from Cath Inglis

A few words from Cath Inglis
6th December 2017 Unison Colour
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We asked Pastel artist Cath Inglis for a few words about what she thought about Unison Colour……

“As a pastel artist I have used these wonderful pastels for over 2 decades now and have seen Unison grow. Love the fact that the properties their individual pastels are always stable – never crumbly, hard or scratchy. I well remember a visit to them in Northumberland- it is an amazing place -All individually handmade pastels – Jars of pigments and trays of pastels -a feast for an artist’s eyes!

Amazing range of colours to choose . From vibrant oranges to the softer, neutral, greys, I use them all! .
Great choice of brown earthy colours invaluable for animal work – Favourite sets for me are the Natural Earths set of 18 and the Portrait set of 36”

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