Get to know RS Weinblatt

Get to know RS Weinblatt
13th December 2017 Unison Colour
In Unison News

Hello everyone! I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you! My name is RS Weinblatt and I am an American Impressionist living in New Mexico, in the gorgeous RIO Grande River Valley Basin. I’ve always wanted to tell people just what I thought (about art of course) and the most amazing pastel company on the planet has given me a voice so I can do just that! To be able to speak about what I love the most is a joy and an honour so thank you to Unison Colour for my voice as well as gifting me with a place in their family of artists, Associate Artists of Unison Colour.

For me, pastel painting has always been a part of a larger process as opposed to just what it is, a medium! The two most important and outstanding features in my art journey has to be the emotion and the colour of what’s before me.
Unison Colour travels with me on my journey and is the driving force of strength and variety in making my vision a reality. I allow myself the unlimited range of possibilities available from initial image choice to surface selection, style of underpainting and onto my actual palette. So, with a bit of a value study and a feeling in my heart we begin. The underpainting and all the choices there is one of the most exciting and creative parts of the process! Runny, drippy, watercolour, gouache, oil stains are all a possibility as well as something with a bit more intention. So fellow wanderers, art nomads that we are, I think there’s room for discussion and free open creative ideas we can share on this journey together and inspire each other with our love of process and the journey of getting there. Keep checking Unison Colour’s beautiful new website & social media pages for all things PASTEL, and until next time.

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