Hints & Tips from Denise Findlay

Hints & Tips from Denise Findlay
11th May 2018 Unison Colour
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Hints and Tips

Unison Colour pastels are very build able. Try mixing colours by applying one on top of the other then use a blending stick to the mix.  (also called a tortillon )

Do not forget to invest in a Unison colour White . No other pastel I have tried even closely matches. It’s consistency is almost creamy and a pure white colour and is easily applied as if it were paint, over areas with quite a lot of pastel already on it. This is why I chose to include it in the “Denise Findlay 18 colour set”.

What drives me?

I have a very strong drive and would happily lock myself away and for days working. I think my drive comes from the desire to achieve more. It is to me as important as eating and drinking, if not perhaps more! .. drawing and painting is a necessity in my life and it feels like my reason for being.

Everyday life inspires me, beauty, emotions and light. Relationships prove to be a source of inspiration.