Introducing the Midnight 8 Set

Introducing the Midnight 8 Set
3rd August 2018 Helen Bullock
In Unison News

I think that we can all agree, working with Unison Colour’s exceptional range of hand made pastels gives unprecedented rich colour consistency in any pastellist’s work. So, why go to the trouble of extending the range that bit further, especially with dark colours?


The answer lies in customer demand and feedback. Our artists of different levels of ability using Unison Colour tell us that although our full range of colours created to date provide artists the means for many unique opportunities for creative self expression, the dark’s are a little limiting in their variation.


One of our Associate artists Robert Dutton had noticed the same thing and so we began a close collaboration and liaison with this exceptionally talented artist and asked Robert to work on a number of new shades with us and extend the darker range with us.

The new deep blue (Dark 24) which Robert in particular was instrumental in making with us, is proving exceptionally popular with an ever increasing number of artists. When mixed, layered, crumbled and creatively worked in other ways with other colours in our range (and other brands of pastels too), the new blue adds an exceptional luminous quality to dark areas of any pastel painting. 


Deep dark areas now have a jewel like glow to them – a positive visual delight as they add real intrigue to any painting which the additional use of this exciting new blue. A ‘cannot be without colour’ artists say – I’m sure you’ll feel the same!


Even more useful new dark colours!

In addition to our popular new deep blue (Dark 24) our other dark’s created with Robert add yet more creative possibilities to your pastel paintings -especially made for rich darker tones. 


The new dark velvety blacks (CB1 & CB2) are superb for artists wanting to create a deeper ‘blacker black’ in their work. Our new blacks mix exceptionally well with other media too such as charcoal and ink so will be of real interest to mixed media artists and creatives who which to explore tonal drawing to a higher level.


Because our new soft dark pastels are laden with glorious pigmentation they positively glide over any paper support and thus are easy to work with to create rich dark blacks in your drawings adding real depth and expressive layering in your work.


You are sure to discover too that all our new richly pigmented darks created with Robert Dutton will add new dimensions and creative possibilities to your own work. Our new darks are sure to inspire!


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