Hints & Tips: Which Paper to use for Unison Colour Pastels?

Hints & Tips: Which Paper to use for Unison Colour Pastels?
26th September 2018 Helen Bullock
In Unison News

We are often asked which paper is the best to use for our soft pastels. I asked 3 of our Associate Artists for their opinion.

Denise Findlay – Portrait Artist

‘My preference is watercolour paper ‘not’ pressed. I like the tooth as its not too rough. I’m not a fan of pastels papers on the market as they do not seem to hold enough pigment’

Fiona Carvell – Landscape/Still life Artist

Fiona Carvell slider

‘Different surfaces give different results. Canson Mi-Tientes are good for beginners due to the different textures on each side which is great for experimenting. Softer colour & easier blending with fingers on this paper.’

‘Pastelmat is more expensive but has a stronger colour hold, very different texture. Blending techniques are different with this (you will get sore fingers if you blend with too little pastel on this surface).’

‘I also use Canson Mi-Tientes Touch, which is good for wet pastel techniques. I’m always trying out new surfaces as there are lots to choose from’

Michelle Lucking – Seascape Artist

‘UART 400, Claire Fontaine Pastel Mat, Canson Mi Tientes Touch and the standard’

We hope these tips help you when you are deciding on which paper to use. However, if there is any paper that you can recommend to us, we will gladly add it to the list!