Welcome Brent Emerson!

Welcome Brent Emerson!
24th January 2019 Helen Bullock
In Unison News

Unison Colour welcomes artist Brent Emerson as one of our newest Associate Artists.

Brent is based in New South Wales, Australia & specialises in Gamilaraay art. If you do not know what Gamilaraay means; they are Indigenous people of Australia whose land extends from New South Wales & Southern Queensland.

Not only is Brent an artist but he is also a High School Aboriginal Studies, Geography & History teacher.

Brent hasn’t been using soft pastels as medium for long, but they are already his preferred medium for artistic expression.

Unison Colour look forward to working with Brent & seeing what amazing pieces of art he creates using our soft pastels. http://www.mawu-gi.com.au