5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 1
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 2


5 Day Pastel Challenge


Sue Kerrigan-Harris

Monday 9th – Friday 13th May

5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 1

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Sue Kerrigan-Harris

Sue will challenge you to paint a beautiful Bengal Kitten in Soft Pastel.

You’ll be doing this by using Sue’s techniques to pastel fur, eyes, ears, mouth and body of the kitten.

By utilising both soft pastel and pastel pencil your artwork will definitely come to life.

With Sue’s daily instructions, advice and demos you’ll be led from the initial drawing right through to final finishing touches.

How it works...

5 Days

The challenge will run for 5 consecutive days, from Mon 9th - Fri 13th May, and will run in a dedicated Facebook Group.

Open To All

Suitable for beginners, as well as more experienced pastel artists. There's always more to learn from other artists.

Video Demonstrations

Daily instruction is made up of a combination of pre-recorded 10 minute video demo and written guide, posted in the group each day at 6am.

Reference Material Included

There will be reference material and worksheets available to download from the 5 Day Challenge Facebook Group page.

Step by Step Progress

The Challenge will be broken down in stages of creating the painting, which will enable participants to make progress each day.

Stay Motivated

Participants will be able to post their progress in the Facebook Group for commentary. You will be supported by a live on-line Q&A session with Sue at 7pm each evening where Sue will answer your questions.

It's Free!

Yes, completely free! So this is a great opportunity not to be missed.

Read what people say about our challenges...

I thought this challenge was excellent. I learned a lot from Rebecca and I even got her book which is full of great tips so I recommend that. Thanks Dan and Unison for a well organised event. Love using the pastels and getting into the zone.
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 4
Really interesting to try new techniques and follow an Artist as they work through to a finished piece. I had never used soft pastels with alcohol before. The tips on how much to load the brush and create a ground to work into were very useful. I shall use this technique again. Thank you.
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 4
Unison pastels are amazing. Their soft pastels are the best and they organise great inclusive classes with wonderful tutors. If you want to learn pastels look no further than here and get to share your work and thoughts with many others around the world.
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 4
I loved this challenge, excellent instruction and support, everyone has been encouraging, a new technique on a different surface and the opportunity to use some of my new unison pastels, I usually work in coloured pencil, but I am finding pastel much better for land and seascapes. I have found both 5 day challenges really valuable on my pastel journey, thank you
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 4
This was really interesting. I have dabbled in pastels before , but this stretched me! Not only were there new techniques but whole new surface to work on. The pre course instructions/ rawings etc were clear and helpful , so I idn't feel as though I was thrown in at the deep end. On the course it was easy to follow the process an Nina's enthusiasm was great. Now to use what I have learned
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 4
I thought the workshop was very organized and easy to access. I am behind and can still access all the info. The Q & A session is very helpful. Nina is a great instructor, very patient and supportive. I hope there will be more workshops in the future. Thanks to your team! Btw I LOVE your pastels!
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 4
Just completed a 5 day Unison challenge with Nina Squires. The whole experience is organised so efficiently by the Unison team who work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best out of the challenge irrespective of your own individual level. I have completed several of these now and cannot fail to be impressed by their attention to detail and would definitely recommend them in the future as a good taster for pastel use and broadening your skills and techniques in a fun environment.
5 Day Pastel Challenge: Bengal Kitten with Sue Kerrigan-Harris 4


When you sign up you’ll receive details of the colours Sue recommends for the challenge.

The daily videos are only around 10 minutes long and can be watched at any time.  The worksheets are also available to download at any time, so you should be fine.  There will be lots of people taking part from all around the globe, so you’ll be in good company, wherever you are.

The only part of the day that is fixed, is the Live Q&A sessions, which are held at 7pm (GMT/UTC), but they will be recorded, and again viewable at any time.  If you can’t make the live session, and wish to put a question to Sue, you just need to leave it in the comments section of our post that we put up at 2pm (GMT/UTC) each day, asking for questions.

Facebook provides a free platform to use in a variety of ways, and the 5 Day Challenge suits the platform well.

Probably the best part of using Facebook, is that it also brings together the community in a way that other platforms can’t. Having a community to interact with and share progress, tips and techniques has already proved one of the best motivators, and in our previous 5 Day Challenges, this has been the single most favourite aspect of the experience.

The Facebook Group layout can be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it, but our important posts will always be available in the Announcements section.

There’s also a Files section which is where you’ll be able to get the worksheets.

The main feed is where you’ll see posts from everyone else, and it’s worth having a good look through as you progress through the challenge, to see everyone’s progress.

It will be a great community event, as well as one of personal progression.

The equipment required for the challenge is minimal. The items outlined in the materials guide are considered ‘good to haves’, but you can usually get by with what you already have.  We also announce the challenges far enough in advance for you to buy any items you feel you need.

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