Thanks for enrolling in the 5 Day Pastel Challenge with Associate Artist, Rebecca de Mendonça 1

Great! You’re on your way to improving your Soft Pastelling skills.

What next?

You must request to join the ‘Unison Colour 5 Day Pastel Challenge with Rebecca de Mendonça’ Facebook Group.

Members will be accepted into the group on Sunday 21st November, the day before the challenge starts.

Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself once you’re in.

Please check your email inbox for confirmation of your enrolment which includes the required materials guide from Rebecca.

(Double check spam and promos folder if you don’t see our email.)


The daily videos are only around 10 minutes long and can be watched at any time.  The worksheets are also available to download at any time, so you should be fine.  There will be lots of people taking part from all around the globe, so you’ll be in good company, wherever you are.

The only part of the day that is fixed, is the Live Q&A sessions, which are held at 7pm (GMT/UTC), but they will be recorded, and again viewable at any time.  If you can’t make the live session, and wish to put a question to Rebecca, you just need to leave it in the comments section of our post that we put up at 2pm (GMT/UTC) each day, asking for questions.

Facebook provides a free platform to use in a variety of ways, and the 5 Day Challenge suits the platform well.

Probably the best part of using Facebook, is that it also brings together the community in a way that other platforms can’t. Having a community to interact with and share progress, tips and techniques has already proved one of the best motivators, and in our previous 5 Day Challenges, this has been the single most favourite aspect of the experience.

The Facebook Group layout can be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it, but our important posts will always be available in the Announcements section.

There’s also a Files section which is where you’ll be able to get the worksheets.

The main feed is where you’ll see posts from everyone else, and it’s worth having a good look through as you progress through the challenge, to see everyone’s progress.

It will be a great community event, as well as one of personal progression.

The equipment required for the challenge is minimal. The items outlined in the materials guide are considered ‘good to haves’, but you can usually get by with what you already have.  We also announce the challenges far enough in advance for you to buy any items you feel you need.

Thanks for enrolling in the 5 Day Pastel Challenge with Associate Artist, Rebecca de Mendonça 2

Rebecca de Mendonça