Denise Findlay

Unison Colour Artist


Artist Statement


graduated for G.S.A. In 1996 with a sell out degree show. She went on to produce a string of solo exhibitions throughout Scotland and England. Denise has won many awards including the acclaimed Elizabeth Greenshields Award three time in a row. She has also enjoyed much press and media attention over the years, such as appearing on Sky portrait artist of the Year.

is known for her powerful, huge, portraits and sensitive, detailed pencil drawings which displays her unique, diverse talent.

She believes that, “painting is a purely visual experience where the viewer should not be left unsure of its meaning.”

Denise has a wonderful legacy with her great great grandfather, Fra Newbery being the founder of Glasgow School of Art and his wife Jessie Newbery being an accomplished embroiderer and the founder of the famous Glasgow rose motif. She often uses Jessie’s collars in her work.

As well as Denise’s high skill set her work also often holds much emotional content. They are much more than just portraits and model is used as a tool to convey issues such as loneliness and happiness