A Pink Letter Day!

So, like many other artists, I do get some scam emails, purporting to be interested buyers from overseas. It is a common problem. These scams are very clever and we need to be very alert to the issue.

A small section of Judy's painting, Garden Epiphany.
A snippet of ‘Garden Epiphany’ Unison pastels on Colourfix paper.

Towards the end of 2020, I received an email from a company I had never heard of, my antennae were up! Several emails later it materialises they are genuine. A company in the US who like my Unison Colour soft pastel ‘designs’ as seen on social media – Instagram in particular.

They explained that they look for particular designs that will work as textiles for their niche clothing business (www.ubuclothing.com).

First issue? Once we had narrowed down which painting (design?) might work could I send over a 20MB mixed image? (I should say we had already discussed what the remuneration would be should the image work on textile). 20 MB image? No I cannot. I take all final images of my work with my iPhone (approx. 2MB file) and am virtually always very happy with the result. To achieve a 20MB image would require the right equipment, the original image not behind glass and the painting still to be in my possession! Long story short we identified an image still in my studio on the easel and a husband with the right equipment.

Image sent and forwarded onto the textile manufacturer to see if it translates. And of course, the colour mutates thanks to different equipment and software.

The reason for telling you all of this? Do keep a good quality photo of each painting you produce and, if possible, and, if you do see your work on textiles, try and take large format files.

Things coming together!

Fast forward to April 2021.

This whole new fascinating world of collaborating on the Autumn/Fall range for 2021 is coming together, we need to talk about labels for the items so the learning curve goes on.
Two of my designs have jumped through all the hoops and been made into fabric and garments. It is really quite a strange feeling to see colours and design that I assembled be recreated as a textile.
The two images that were eventually selected are ‘Garden Epiphany’ and ‘Solitaire’.

Garden Epiphany, pastel painting by Judy Tate.
‘Garden Epiphany’ Unison Colour pastels on Colourfix paper
Soltaire, pastel painting by Judy Tate
‘Solitaire’ Unison Colour pastels on Colourfix paper

And the stunning final results are below. Thankfully they are both reversible as I can imagine some days my colours might just need tuning down a bit:-

Ubuclothing raincoat using fabric printed with Judy's Garden Epiphany painting.
Ubuclothing raincoat in reverse mode, using fabric printed with Judy's Garden Epiphany painting which shows at the collar and cuff.
Ubuclothing raincoat using fabric printed with Judy's Solitaire painting.

So my addiction to Unison Colour soft pastels has now led to these garments going online later this year for the Autumn 2021 collection, so for now I am just so pleased I did pursue talking to Ubu Clothing. They have been a delight to deal with and it has given me a whole new experience despite Covid and lockdown etc.

The moral of this little tale? Amidst all the fake news and scams that seem to permanently swirl around there are genuine people and genuine opportunities. So keep an open mind and sometimes social media comes up trumps!

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26 Responses

  1. Hi Judy ,
    Congratulations on your success with Ubu clothing . I love you designs I guess you will will choose to keep those paintings now!!
    This is also likely to alter your painting style from now on . Maybe you will produce more design material from now on ,
    Val Spencer

    1. HI Val, thank you for liking my designs . In fact ‘Garden Empathy’ the original is now for sale at The Gallery at 41 in Corfe Castle. Not sure if this venture will change my painting style although it is certainly evolving – which is so satisfying even if I do not know where I am going! Judy

  2. Великолепная цветовая гамма, созданная Джудит, нашла выход в мир через одежду! И это прекрасно! Мои поздравления! Интернет и техника творят чудеса, спасибо им. Спасибо группе Юнисон за знакомство с новыми людьми и идеями!

    1. Hi and thank you for your feedback – I think you have said “The gorgeous color scheme created by Judith has found a way out into the world through clothes! And this is great! Congratulations! The internet and technology work wonders, thanks to them. Thanks to the Unison group for meeting new people and ideas!”
      I do agree in the power of the internet and technology and also the power of COLOUR!
      Very best wishes Judy

    1. HI Ann and thank you – Solitaire is an unusual piece for me but I loved creating it !
      Best wishes Judy

  3. Congratulations they are beautiful . I am going to look at there website and check out the coats!

  4. HI Ann and thank you – Solitaire is an unusual piece for me but I loved creating it !
    Best wishes Judy

    1. Hi Kathy – So the original image is about 70 x 50cm ! So with frame and mount quite large , best wishes Judy

  5. Dear Judy,
    A very happy outcome! Your work looks stunning on fabric! Question, did this company require a copyright on your pieces? I am trying to figure how to go about that process.
    Congratulations on your success!

    1. So yes Helen I had to sign documents stating that I was happy for the use of the image for particular garments and no other purpose. Each document has an image of the original design to refer to. Best wishes Judy

  6. Love the coats… congratulations

    As a fabric artist I have always wanted to paint on silk… what is the fabric? In freezing Canada we love beautiful winter outer wear…. I’m planning to look for their website.

    Thank you for sharing, you’ve inspired me to get out in my wild flower garden and sketch!

    1. Hi Prue – so pleased I have inspired you to get out there ! In fact that is exactly where I have been this morning! Knee deep in long grass and wild flowers – bliss! Best Creative Wishes Judy

  7. Congratulations on the fabric front, the colours are amazing and I love the designs. I wish you great success in the future with more wonderful designs.

  8. Hi Judy thank you for all your lovely comments – it’s what inspires me to do more! Best regards Judy

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