Announcing the Unison Colour Pastel Academy

Announcing the Unison Colour Pastel Academy 1

It’s with great pleasure that today we unveil our new Unison Colour Pastel Academy – a website dedicated to the learning of all things Pastel!

We start with a broad selection of courses from our Associate Artists and we’ll be adding new content every month.

The aim is to provide content that you will find valuable, regardless of skill and experience.

We’ll also be hosting monthly Live Q&A sessions (first one coming up at the end of June) with the Associate Artists in our exclusive Pastel Academy Member’s Facebook Group, where you’ll also be able to reach out to the artists for help on the Pastel Academy courses.

Membership costs £19.99 per month, and we have a fantastic trial offer for everyone – we’re giving you the chance to try our new Pastel Academy for a month for only £1.

If you love your first month and want to continue subscribing, there’s nothing more to do. Your subscription will continue, and you’ll be billed £19.99 every month and you’ll enjoy the new training as it’s released.

But if you try it out for £1 and you decide it’s not for you, that’s fine. Simply cancel your subscription from your Account page before the month is up to avoid rolling over into the next month – we’ll even send you an email a few days in advance to let you know you’re coming up to the end of your trial.

So if you want to learn from the world’s best pastel artists, head over to the Pastel Academy…

Try The Pastel Academy For Free!

To celebrate 1 year of the Pastel Academy we’re giving you the opportunity to try our courses completely for free – no card details required!

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3 Responses

  1. Just a thought – why not offer an incentive to join the Pastel Academy, such as cheaper subscription if one joins for a year by paying up front? Or discounts on pastels purchased direct from you by Academy members?
    £30 per month (effectively) is a rather steep price for prospective members who don’t have enough time at their disposal to take advantage of all that the Academy might offer. Or offer a two-tier membership, with limited access to the number of tutorials…

    1. Hi Jill,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. We have discussed all of your suggestions and are pleased to say we’ll certainly add a pay yearly option at a discount. We will also give members the opportunity to save on pastel purchases, although exactly what form this will take, needs to be finalised. But keep an eye out for the yearly option, as we’ll get that added soon. Many thanks! ♥

      1. Hi Oliver, thanks for responding to my points, and I see that on yearly membership you have indeed offered an incentive!
        I regret that I still would find it difficult to justify the outlay, as there is so much on offer (good!) but I just can’t (for health reasons) make use of enough of it to feel that it’s money well spent. So still a plea for a two-tier membership, where maybe access to tutorials is limited in number?

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