Andrew Moodie

Unison Colour Associate Artist

Unison Colour welcomes Andrew Moodie as an Associate Artist

For as long as Andrew can remember, he has loved and been inspired by art. He managed to continue to draw and paint throughout a busy first career as a lawyer and, since retiring (slightly) early at the end of 2018, he has relished the opportunity to follow his passion full time. Having spent the majority of his office years and childhood using soft pastels, his first love remains with this most immediate of media, and he has been an avid user and supporter of Unison pastels since their first appearance in the market.

Andrew’s favourite subject is the landscape, in particular the Yorkshire Dales (on the doorstep of where he now lives in Harrogate), and also the nearby coasts of Yorkshire and Northumberland and the breathtaking scenery of his home country of Scotland when he manages to get back north of the border. He is never happier than when he is outside with his easel seeking to capture the landscape in all its glory. He also seeks to enhance his drawing skills with a weekly life class and also paints portraits (both human and animal!).

Andrew’s intention when painting the landscape is to imbue the viewer with a feeling of immersion, to hear the birdsong, to smell the grass and wild flowers, and to be uplifted by the light; all the things that bring Andrew to the landscape in the first place. He seeks to create expressive images and often adopts a mixed media approach, using acrylic inks, paint and sprays, watercolour, graphite and liquid graphite in varying combinations, to create expressive bases and layers in preparation for further mark making with pastel. At all times he seeks to maintain an energy in the work to uplift and inspire the viewer. He works en plein air or from life whenever possible, usually completing the work in the studio, but always seeking to preserve the in situ energy.

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‘I have many times felt that I have lost the excitement and energy of the initial underpainting stage by overuse of pastel, and I felt that had perhaps happened here when I considered the finished work.’

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