Unison Colour welcomes Caitlin Heslop as an Associate Artist

Caitlin Sarah Heslop (b. 1990) is a London based artist, working predominantly in pastel, ink and oil paint. Caitlin trained at Goldsmiths University, studying Art and History of Art, and completed a drawing intensive with the Royal Drawing School in 2019. Caitlin was awarded the Unison Young Artist Award in 2021 at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition.

Caitlin is excited by the vibrancy and liveliness of marks fluctuating between abstraction and realism. She has always been motivated by a sense of longing to capture the invisible within the visible: the emptiness and substance of space, a dance between what is known and unknown, revealed or concealed, memory and the present. Caitlin works directly from nature and memory, playing with colour and composition to weave in the emotions of experience. This dualistic way of working brings a dreamlike quality to each work.

Caitlin is relatively new to working in pastels, beginning her journey with Unison Colour Starter Set. Caitlin loves the vibrancy of Unison Colour pastels, and has found that working in pastel has led her to explore new visual language; of exploring colour relationships in new ways; and of interlacing colours together, side by side, like a tapestry.


What The Trees Taught Me, 2021
Solo exhibition at The Phoenix Garden, WC2H

Small Pleasures Part 2, 2021
All Mouth Gallery

Batch Number 01 2021
Holy Sheets

Breathing Spaces, 2021
Online exhibition with Bind Collective

Works On Paper 3, 2021
Group exhibition with Blue Shop Cottage, SE5

The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, 2021
Group exhibition at Mall Galleries, SW1Y

Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Competition, 2020
Group exhibition at Bankside Gallery, Thames Riverside.


Unison Young Artist Award 2021

Blog posts relating to Caitlin Heslop

Caitlin Heslop 1

The Pause Before the Start

For many of us, our lives are filled with hurry. Creativity is something that we know we value and want to prioritise, and if we are lucky enough to have time for it, we often carry our hurry into our times of creating.

Caitlin Heslop 2

Changing Lane

As a relatively young artist, I have found that there is an unspoken expectation to identify with one specific medium, one style, and one subject matter. Of course, people meander a little bit, but generally it feels like those that are more competent and ambitious find their artistic lane and stick in it.

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