Daniel Porter

Unison Colour Associate Artist

Unison Colour welcomes Daniel Porter as an Associate Artist

A proud member of the Unison family, Daniel is a resident of New Brunswick Canada and a true lover of his home province. He is a serious student of the natural world, a conservationist & outdoorsman. Daniel’s work is known for its attention to detail and its honest temper that is evident from his first-hand knowledge and dealings with the subjects found throughout his work.

Daniel speaks of his efforts in soft pastels – “I have had an incredible journey learning to define for myself what embodies a truly fine work of art in soft pastel, recognising that this definition varies from person to person, for me, the goal with pastels is to be simple and clean in my approach. My pastel techniques are centred towards giving the viewer just the right amount of information, allowing the mind’s eye to do a little creative work of its own. Being effective in the use of soft pastels in this way means working to give my subject a solid sense of place in its environment through well thought out design and the effective use of colour, soft pastels offer limitless possibilities this way and I consider these things the key elements in the success of my paintings.”

Over the years Daniel has held a few roles in the fine arts field including that of conservator, curator and illustrator. Daniels knowledge and experience have culminated to make him a well-respected contributor in many aspects of the fine arts field. Daniel is a regular contributor as artist illustrator and writer for an array of fine publications world-wide. He is a steward to many worthy conservation causes where his work is used to raise much needed funds for critical environmental projects affecting threatened wildlife.

Blog posts relating to Daniel Porter

A blonde haired women in a lumberjack shirt, balanced on a large piece of driftwood, looking out in the steep sided lake.

A Pastel Artist in the age of Social Media

Things sure have changed since I began my career in fine art nearly 30 years ago, the internet was an obscure not quite fully formed idea and social media referred to the posters up around town telling of the dance on Friday night.

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