Francisca Siri

Unison Colour Associate Artist

Unison Colour welcomes Francisca Siri as an Associate Artist

My name is Francisca Siri and I live in Chile. I have been painting and working with pastels for nearly 25 years.

I have tried many techniques buy I always come back to pastel because it allows me to vividly express more details with rich colours that give more realism to my paintings.

In my art I have approached portrait, landscapes, and several other subjects, mostly with a realistic style. Lately I have been passionate about finding the beauty in everyday life that normally goes unnoticed, like rocks and stones. By using pastel, I can capture the infinity of colours that are hidden under their simplicity.

I have participated in several exhibits over the years, the latest in the City Hall of the commune where I live.

I am a member of an atelier where I participate twice a week with a group of artists that share their technics and where we are coached by a well-known Chilean painter.

The unique softness of Unison pastels unique softness allows me to combine drawing and painting, but most important of all is that since the discovery of Unison Colour pastels they have allowed me to obtain a higher level of realism on my paintings due to the richness of their pigments and their fantastic palette.

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