Unison Colour welcomes Henry Falzon as an Associate Artist

Born in 1974, Henry Falzon comes from decades of fine-art photography, artistic practice and life-long learning. Henry was never comfortable following traditional and ‘proper’ art paths. Instead Henry thrives on individualism, and off-the-beaten path practices.

Henry uses landscapes, or rather the depiction of spaces, objects and sometimes persons, as vehicles to convey thoughts, feelings, and stories. Sometimes the stories depicted in his landscapes are forceful and clear, at other times pensive and mellow. Often the viewer discovers aspects in his canvases that fascinate and engage.

It’s difficult to box Henry’s work into one category. His work is very much driven by exploration and quests that make him hop and skip train tracks, do U-turns, back tracks and course changes – all these are parts of the game. The ebb and flow of life is there. Noting is fixed and there is an urgency to explore all nooks and crannies of life – through landscapes. Landscapes transport the viewer to other places and with the right perception, the viewer may experience anything from a simple pleasurable outlook, to triggers of deeper emotions.

Henry Falzon is based in Malta.

"Making my art, it's like riding the bicycle. I make decisions on the fly. Like the bicycle ride, you cannot look too much into the distance, but neither can you afford to look too close to the ground below... It's a mix of instincts, vague destinations and plenty of effort..."

"You’re welcome on board of my journey..."

Blog posts relating to Henry Falzon

pastel painting of a rocky coastline and azure sea.

Finding Yourself in Art

As artists, we all crave to cut our own path in art and get recognition for work. ‘Originality’ might be an advanced subject, but once an artist is comfortable with their medium, the next quest would be to forge signature work that snowballs the artist up into the next level.

A predominantly grey pastel painting.

The Power of Greys

Greys are a vast and complex family of colours that seasoned artists spend a life-time of pursuit in order to achieve and harness their incredible potential.

Henry Falzon 3

Announcing New Associate Artists!

In May we held a recruitment exercise for new Associate Artists and we were overwhelmed with the number of applications. So much so we will have 2 groups of new artists. Our 2nd group will be announced in August 2020.

Henry Falzon 4

The Power of Colour

Few things in life are more innate than colour – from birth to death, colour is a tremendous driving force in mankind. As a person with dyslexic traits, I value colours even more I guess then, say, mathematically biased brains.

Pastel painting of large wall of shelves, squared off, and filled bottles of whisky.

Using Pastels

Art is a very personal journey, and pastels mirror this intimacy. However, in this article, I’ll try to explore how I view and use pastels in an attempt to help and inspire others about this medium.

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