Mary Swan

Unison Colour Associate Artist

Unison Colour welcomes Mary Swan as an Associate Artist

I’m extremely ecstatic to be given the honour to represent (along with other extremely talented fellow artists) Unison Pastels! This has been a grand highlight of my art career to date.

I’m a London born artist hailing from an area East of the city called Whitechapel.  I’ve now moved out to the wilds of Essex close to the coast, but my origins will always be a part of me.

When I was very young, East London was still heavily scarred from the Second World War, so, playing in rubble was a common playground for children of my generation. No health and safety those days!  I believe this set in my mind the importance of history and origins in my mind.  Who lived in these bombed out rooms?  Where are they now?  I still recall the effect this chaos and disorder had on my psyche.  Out of all this chaos, surely there must be some order?  Art was how I expressed what I felt as I was an extremely shy child.  I liked to draw local areas, historical in context along with imaginary illustrations.

I am still drawn to reflecting my surroundings, albeit now with more of a personal interpretation.

I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember.  Initially, you use what you have to hand as my parents were not overly encouraging of my artistic leanings (work in a bank!) so graphite and pen were the first tools to hand.  Then I discovered colour!  I saved up my pocket money and invested in pastels, oils and a pocket watercolour set.

I’ve learned from all mediums and frequently rotated them when on an artistic plateau. They are all mediums I continue to dearly treasure.

But my love affair with Unison began several years ago when I reached one such particularly high plateau.  I’d been using oils for some years and was seeking a medium which had all the drama and complexity of pigments which good quality oils possess with a similar flexibility for blending without losing the richness of colour.  Layering for ethereal effect is important to me and I was also seeking a similar medium which I could use for this purpose but one which was easier to transport and importantly be easy to use at a moment’s notice with minimum prep as my space was at a premium back then.

So, I took a bus to the West End of London, went to an art shop which no longer exists and took home with me a few individual Unison pastels and the rest is as they saying goes, history.  I was smitten.

I have been fortunate to have exhibited at group shows in London including the Pastel Society, Bow Mill Studios Group Show in East London and The Royal Society of Marine Artists. I have had numerous private commissions, one of which is a Unison pastel which is currently hanging at Cape Cod in the USA.

I do look forward to exhibiting again soon once we are back to some form of normality.

Unison continue to surprise and I am learning more about their possibilities all the time, as is the case with any premium quality art medium, the possibilities are endless and there is always more to discover. I’m constantly inspired by the quality of these pastels. If you’ve never considered pastel, make Unison your first choice. You can’t help but want to push the envelope further as the colours are gorgeous, the effects are immediate and they are extremely tactile.

The future looks bright and I look eagerly forward to creating more in partnership with this beautiful British art brand.  We’re lucky to have them,so let’s treasure them!

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