Paul Miller

Unison Colour Associate Artist

Unison Colour welcomes Paul Miller as an Associate Artist

Born in 1987 and raised in a small market town on the Leicestershire / Northamptonshire border, wildlife has always been nearby and a huge passion in my life. With the local fields only a 1-minute walk away, there were always plenty of subjects to draw and as a child (before the times of phones and social media) that was something I did a lot of.

Birds of prey or great white sharks (they do frequent the local river 😂) were my favourite animals to draw. We always had pets too, so I never ran out of ideas. I loved art though and I always wanted to go into the field of palaeontology or herpetology, as reptiles and amphibians fascinate me. They are such beautiful and well evolved creatures. If I wasn’t drawing them, I was reading about them, if I wasn’t reading about them, I was looking for them. Obsessed was an understatement. Animals were, and still are to this day something I live and breathe.

I studied art at GCSE level and got a grade C. To be honest I was never interested in school or drawing lemons and vases in art class, so I didn’t really take it seriously. There has been no formal training as such. Very much self taught.

Paul Miller 1

I got my first job when I was 16.  Weekend work at a parrot breeding centre where my sister, Gina, worked full time so I was lucky to be in a privileged position to get the job.  It was something I loved hugely though at the time and I never truly appreciated just how much I was to learn about parrots and birds in general.

I continued to work there for around 3 years, normally just going in a couple of days a week to help with the aviary cleaning, nest box repairs, feeding, the general maintenance and just to annoy Gina 😂. The place has closed now though.  They are fond memories and ones that taught me a lot about birds in general.

My next career move was to become a chef. I spent the next 8 or 9 years bouncing around various different pubs and restaurants.  Again, something I loved but in hindsight maybe a career that wasn’t meant to be. After the cooking fabrication work was my bread and butter this is when I started to draw again in my spare time. Although they were awful, people did show interest in my work.  The odd pet portrait was drawn, that was where my art journey began.

Working in graphite and colour pencils was my preferred medium at the time only moving towards the pastels in 2016 if my memory serves me right. Very much a case of learning by watching plenty of videos and picking up hints and tips from other artists along the way.  I don’t think I will ever stop wanting to draw the beautiful array of animals we share this rock we call home with.


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