Unison Colour welcomes Regina Hona as an Associate Artist

I’ve been drawing and playing with paint from as far back as I can remember and originally never planned an art career.  So there was no art school, but rather I gained an Associate Diploma in Private Secretarial Practice and employment that led to roles working for Managing Directors and later as Secretary/Bursar in private schools, yet I always had a yearning to draw and paint.

I was introduced to oil painting during the summer holidays when she was twelve but it wasn’t until February1980, not long after I was married, that I seriously began to study art through classical tonal oil painting over four years. Ten years later I switched to pastels, primarily because I had young kids and pastels is a medium that I could easily stop and start, needing only to quickly wash my hands if I had to suddenly stop. Since then, I’ve also taught myself acrylics, and watercolour in the form of pen & wash, as well as playing around with charcoal, but now I paint about equally in oils and pastels.  Each medium has its benefits, but pastels easily affords an artist an ease for varied application, simple correction, speed of application, intense vibrant colours and are such a joy to manipulate and play with.  Unison pastels are a standout in their quality, reliability and ease of use, and have been my go to brand for the last 30 years.

My love of painting has taken me on many paths, many unplanned, from receiving several top awards for my work in competitions and exhibitions, to travelling Australia, Italy, the United States and the Greek Islands teaching workshops, classes and giving demonstrations.  My participation in the Melbourne artist group – Fusion Six inspired me to lift the bar and aim for greater heights in my career, namely entering national portrait competitions and painting larger works.  I’ve been a finalist several times in portrait prizes and won Best Works on Paper in the 2010 A.M.E. Bale Art Prize for the portrait image I’ve included with images showing my work.

My style can vary a little with my choice of medium but I like to experiment with light, colour and form and try to show an alternative way of seeing the world through unique compositions.

“I prefer to see the positives in the world around me and want to share its beauty and connection in our lives in what I paint. I paint for myself without trying to please others and if the stories I tell in my paintings brings joy to others, then I am honoured and blessed.”

The subjects I love and feel inspired to paint the most are the human form and water, particularly reflections in water and water movement.  I like to invite a sense of wonder and exploration in all that I paint, where the viewer can feel the atmosphere and feel like they are part of the scene.

When I’m not in my studio or involved with family activities, I can be found painting outdoors; giving a workshop or demonstration; perhaps on a painting tour, or having stimulating art discussions with fellow artists, which gives me a full and rewarding life. The past six years has also seen me planning, writing, editing and rewriting my first book on the business of art which I’m hoping will be published by the end of 2022.  Visit my website to learn more about my book.

My work is in public and private collections in different corners of the world, and can also be found printed in several art magazines and art books.  I’ve been honoured with a Fellowship from The Australian Guild of Realist Artists’ and an Honorary Life and Signature Membership from The Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia. 

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