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Unison Colour welcomes Tricia Findlay as an Associate Artist

Tricia’s love of art has been a constant through her life. She was encouraged by her Art Teacher at school and was successful at getting a piece exhibited at The Tate, London when she was fifteen. She studied Art, History of Art and Architecture for A Level which led to her studying at the Norwich University of Arts. However, she did not continue after the Foundation Course, as life circumstances meant she had to get a job instead. Years of on-the-job training followed, first as a medical secretary and then training to become a company secretary – a long way from the world of art!

After working for several multi-national companies, she finally found a way to satisfy her artistic side by setting up her own award-winning interior design studio. After 15+ years and during the first Covid lockdown she watched a few YouTube videos of artists using pastels and was inspired to try them. She was hooked! Using a mix of pastel pencils and Unison soft pastels she has not looked back and is now a full-time artist specialising in wildlife, equine and pet portraits.  She spends her time between commissions for pet portraits and working on originals of her wildlife studies. Both have proved successful so being a full-time artist is now reality after leaving Norwich all those years ago.

Growing up as an RAF child she was lucky enough to live in several countries and her love of animals has always been an important part of her life, living with dogs, cats, horses and even befriending a pet camel.

Used to working in pencil, pen & ink and acrylics, pastels have been a revelation. Being impatient by nature, having to wait for acrylics to dry has always been frustrating so pastels are perfect, allowing you to lay one colour on top of another immediately. Tricia’s attention to detail has been a constant in everything she does.  Part of her Art Foundation Course including photography and it was also the macro world to which she was drawn to. Her animal studies reflect this attention to detail.

Tricia is always surprised by how flexible and accommodating pastels are. Previously she approached art with the sense it had to be perfect, right from the start. Unison pastels have allowed her to be more experimental and learn that you can re-do parts or even all of your work if you need or want to.

Being an introvert, Tricia has recently pushed herself and this year (2022) exhibited at two large shows, the Sussex Art Fair and Goodwoof. At the latter she even did some live painting (something she never thought she would be able to do!).  It was a wonderful experience and will become a feature of future exhibitions.  The public are fascinated by the process and of course the materials being used. Creating something in front of people is a little bit like magic and there is no better way to show off the versatility of pastels.

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