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Interview With An Associate Artist: Sue Kerrigan-Harris

In today’s “Interview with an Associate Artist” we’ll be chatting to Sue Kerrigan-Harris.  A graduate of Winchester College, Sue is particularly known for her fine portraiture of people and animals.

Interview With An Associate Artist: Nel Whatmore

In today’s ‘Interview with an Associate Artist’ we’ll be chatting to Nel Whatmore.  Nel has been a professional artist for 35 years and is the joint founder of the New Pastel School with Rebecca de Mendonça.

Interview With An Associate Artist: Henry Falzon

Based in Malta, Henry comes from a broad artistic background including fine art photography.  A life-long learner he thrives on individualism and unexpected processes.

Read the Stephen Fuller blog, Cage Fighters.

Cage Fighters

One of the great joys of being an artist is the freedom to express yourself in any way you see fit – every unworked piece of pastel paper is a blank page ready for you to write your visual poetry on.

An interview between Stephen Fuller and Tricia Findlay.

Interview With An Associate Artist: Tricia Findlay

In today’s “Interview with an Associate Artist” we’ll be chatting to Tricia Findlay.  Tricia exhibited at the Tate when she was 15 but left the world of art for a number of years before setting up her own award-winning interior design studio.

Interview with an Associate Artist: Lyn Asselta

In the first “Interview with an Associate Artist” Steve will be chatting to Lyn Asselta.  Based in Maine, US, Lyn is particularly known for her evocative, textural landscapes.

Intro image for Stpehn Fuller's blog - Paradise Lost and Found.

Paradise Lost And Found

Our senses have evolved to filter out and ignore the majority of information around us.  Evolution is a very efficient thing; it doesn’t tend to waste energy developing anything that’s not essential to an organism.

When Less Is More – Pastel Zen

I have a bit of a theory; it is my opinion that every piece of art is a self-portrait of the artist and a mirror to the viewer…

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