Unison News

  • Sep182019

    Swash Your Way to Creativity by Esther L. Jones

    “I can’t even draw a stick figure.” Have you ever said that? Have you ever heard someone say it? It’s…

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  • Sep062019

    Pastels & Me by Jan Chesler

    I fell in love with pastels from the moment I first saw their lustrous sheen on paper.  Being a self-taught…

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  • Aug202019

    Gold Splashes Through the Dark Oaks by Cathy Pearce

    With a grin I sometimes introduce myself as the mad lady who paints the hill. Roundway Hill near Devizes in…

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  • Aug072019

    What if? by Tracey Maras

    Isn’t it exciting when you stumble onto something that is totally new?  That is what happened when a colleague and…

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  • Jul192019

    The Pastels in My Life by Lyn Evans

    I was first introduced to pastel painting by a friend about 10 years ago when I admired what I thought…

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  • Jul082019

    No Kidding by Paul Holmes

    As an animal portrait artist I would like to take you through one of my paintings, I’ll say from the…

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  • Jun252019

    Limiting your Colour Palette by Jo Garlick

    June isn’t the most obvious month for thinking about winter scenes – but for me it is when I start…

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  • Jun172019

    My Unison Pastels by Rita Taylor

    I have enjoyed making marks on paper since discovering my mother’s notebook and pencil, aged 4. Like most children, I…

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  • Jun072019

    Exploring Pastels by Susie Home

    One of my real passions is pastel painting & I love sharing the knowledge that I have gained over 20…

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  • May312019

    How I began my pastel journey by Sue Kerrigan-Harris

    My pastel journey, started in December 2015 when my sister bought me a Christmas present of 6 pastel pencils. I…

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