Inspired by Our Land Exhibition

Inspired by Our Land Exhibition 1

At The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre,

Northumberland National Park with Unison Colour Ltd.

On 8th December the ‘Inspired by Our Land’ Exhibition opens at The Sill Discovery Centre.

Most of you will already know that our pastels were created by John Hersey. As he was based in the heart of the Northumberland National Park (and we still are!), John took his inspiration from all that was around him, the hills, fells and forests. In particular, the changing light of the seasons or the way that each day the light would pass over the landscape and the colours would change according to the light, and this would change the whole perspective of the landscape and he represented that in his colours. It is very fitting that we can work with Northumberland National Park to present the exhibition.

So that the exhibition could come to life, our very own Northumbrian Associate Artists – Fiona Carvell and Stuart Walton have created pastel paintings using Unison Colour pastels.

‘Pastel Paintings of Northumberland, portraying much loved landmarks as well as hidden gems. From the stunning coastline to the rugged beauty of Northumberland National Park, capturing the landscape as it changes through the seasons’ – Fiona Carvell.

‘My pastel paintings are inspired by the very varied aspects of Northumberland, whether it be from the rugged rock formations of the Whinsill and rocky coastal areas, the tranquil aspects of inland streams and gardens, the extent to which history has determined the wildness and conflicts in this Border County or calm beauty of sandy beaches and coastal villages.’ – Stuart Walton.

The exhibition runs from 8th December until 22nd January 2022 and all art is for sale.

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2 Responses

  1. (Translated)‎Very beautiful landscapes! The exhibition will be excellent!‎

    (Original)Очень красивые пейзажи! Выставка будет превосходная!

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