NEW Contrast 8 Soft Pastel Set

NEW Contrast 8 Soft Pastel Set 1

A handy set of 8 Unison Colour soft pastels that enable you never to be without those key light and darks such as Grey 28, Carbon Black 1 and the ever useful Additional 49.

This set has been chosen and designed by our colour experts to be an addon to one of your larger sets or simply as a handy small set with the colours that you need to create monochrome pieces or to add those light or dark touches to your pastel work.

I am forever telling my students to “round out” their collections with more of the lightest lights and a good set of darks. This small set will be the ideal addition to a plein air box or to a set that one would be carrying to a workshop. Fantastic!!

Lyn Asselta – Unison Colour Associate Artist

What’s in the box?

Carbon Black 1
Grey 13
Grey 36
Additional 49
Grey 28
Light 7
Light 14
Light 18
Contrast 8 Soft Pastel Set

Contrast 8

Take a look

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