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Uncharted Neutral 18

Uncharted Neutral 18 in open box.

The Uncharted Neutral 18 set contains 18 unique soft pastels in neutral colours. Uncharted sets are made up from pastels that missed their original colour criteria, but are still made up of the same beautiful pigment.

Uncharted sets are random, the colours are anonymous and can’t be replicated and each box will be a surprise!

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Your Chance To Grab Some Genuine Unison Colour Soft Pastels At An Unbelievable Price.

Our founder John Hersey found inspiration in the clarity of light and subtlety of colours from the Northumberland landscape, creating his own range of soft pastels in the 1980’s.

We still use John’s original testing system, to make sure each pastel sold today is an exact match to John’s original charts.

If, during our handmade production process, a pastel does not match John’s intended colour, they’ve been put to one side.

But these pastels contain the same beautiful pigments.

They’ve all been made by hand with the same love and care.

They deserve to be used.

And we’ve built up quite a stock of them over the years…

That’s why we’re announcing three limited edition batches of ‘Uncharted’ Unison Colour soft pastels.

They’re ‘Uncharted’ because they won’t match any of our 380 ‘official’ colours.

But they’re still 100% Unison Colour handmade soft pastels.

We’ve raided our shelves and put together three sets, each containing 18 ‘Uncharted’ pastels.

To help you decide, one set contains 18 Warm colours, one set contains 18 Cool colours and the final one contains 18 Neutral colours.

We can guarantee each set will contain 18 beautiful and unique handmade Unison Colour soft pastels.

But unlike our normal sets we can’t guarantee exactly what colours your box of pastels will contain.

But that’s quite exciting! You won’t know what you’re getting until you open the box!

We only have a limited number of sets and as you’d expect – when they’re gone, they’re gone.

It’s taken many years to build up the ‘Uncharted’ stock so we won’t be in a position to do this again for quite some time.

So are you going to take advantage and grab some ‘Uncharted’ Unison Colour handmade soft pastels before they’re gone?

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Unison Colour Fixative

A colourless, non-yellowing medium for Pastel, Pencil, Charcoal, Crayon, Chalk Drawings and Paintings.

Why Unison Colour?

Highly Pigmented​

We use a high percentage of traditional pigments for the deepest colouration.


Because we use the best ingredients, our pastels have superior blending capabilities, used wet, or dry.

Soft and Smooth

With careful use of binder, our pastels are often described as 'smooth as butter', and need no encouragement to leave their mark.


Colour that stands the test of time.


Made, labelled and packed completely by hand. No extrusion.


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Dear Customer

For over 30 years Unison Colour has taken great pride and pleasure in supplying artists soft pastels to discerning artists all over the world.

Whilst endeavouring to use only the most reliably beautiful and long-lasting ingredients we are now in a situation where global matters have disrupted our once easy flowing supplies.

Our main concern is the critical availability of Cobalt based pigments. We are enduring much stronger competition with new technology demanding resources for the production of lithium-ion batteries and also synthetic fuels. These innovations will be both lifesaving and earth saving in the future. The element Cobalt is of major importance in emerging technology and although artists have used Cobalt-based pigments for centuries we may have to learn adapt and to use alternatives.

Currently approximately 10% of Cobalt resources are used in the manufacture of pigments – as art material manufacturers we recognise that there will be unavoidable impacts on this. Global trade relationships are challenging. Processes and capabilities engineered by our suppliers are constantly being improved with much recent investment in efficiencies. This has however increased the cost of these valuable ingredients. We have until very recently absorbed the rising price.

Accordingly, there may be times ahead when there could be difficulties with obtaining some of our range. We will continue to aim for consistent stock where at all possible whilst recognising the challenges ahead may be beyond our control.

We very much appreciate your ongoing support and will continue to strive to bring you the very best in artists pastels. Thank you for your anticipated patience during these challenging times.