Botanical Still Life Workshop with Caitlin Heslop

Saturday 29th June

A pre-recorded workshop day held in a Facebook Group, with help on hand from Caitlin, along with a Live Q&A in the afternoon.

Botanical Still Life Workshop with Caitlin Heslop 1

The Workshop

Join Caitlin Heslop on Saturday 29th June for a pastel workshop to create a ‘Botanical Still Life’- this workshop works well as a follow on from her recent Vibrant Still Life pastel challenge, but also can be accessed as a stand alone session. Caitlin will talk you through the process of creating your botanical set up, choosing your colour palette, through to the finishing touches on your artwork.

Caitlin has a unique approach to using pastels, weaving colours together like a tapestry and this workshop will show clear demonstrations of how she creates this effect and how you can weave it into your own artwork.

Botanical Still Life Workshop with Caitlin Heslop 2

Watch Part 1, NOW!

To get a flavour of what you can expect, and how to prepare, you can watch the first part of the workshop right now!

More Details

Enjoy a workshop day alongside a supportive community of fellow artists.

There’ll be around 1½ hours of in-depth pre-recorded video tuition.

Caitlin will be on hand to answer your questions and concerns.

There will be a Live Q&A session with Caitlin in the afternoon.

Work along in your own time.

You’ll have ongoing access to the video and supporting material both in the Facebook Group and on the Unison Colour website.

Botanical Still Life Workshop with Caitlin Heslop 3

Recommended Materials

Pastel paper – I recommend Claire Fontaine Pastelmat paper 

Unison Colour Pastels – You can purchase the challenge pack of 16 half sticks, or select 16 colours from your own collection.

Botanical set up – Caitlin will make suggestions for how to go about this in the workshop, though she also provides resource images if you aren’t able to create your own set up. She recommends gathering together a collection of plants and/or flowers.

Pastel fixative – this is to prevent smudging once your piece is finished. Caitlin uses Unison Colour’s fixative. 


  • Light 5
  • Red 9, 10, 12, 16, 14
  • Blue Green 1
  • Ocean Blue 5
  • Blue Violet 2, 4,  9, 12
  • Additional 50
  • Grey 28
  • Yellow 10
  • Brown Earth 25
Botanical Still Life Workshop with Caitlin Heslop 4
Caitlin's Abstract 16 set as used in the workshop, available at 20% discount.

You can add the set to your order at the next step.

What's in the box?
Brown Earth 25
Red 12
Red 9
Red 14
Blue Violet 9
Blue Violet 2
Blue Green 1
Blue Violet 4
Blue Violet 12
Additional 50
Ocean Blue 5
Grey 28
Red 16
Red 10
Yellow 10
Light 5

To order the Workshop with or without the Abstract 16 Pastel Set, use the button…

About Caitlin

Caitlin Heslop (b.1990) is an artist living and working in London. Caitlin trained at Goldsmiths University, studying Art and History of Art, and completed a drawing intensive with the Royal Drawing School in 2019.

Caitlin works directly from nature and memory. Her work consists of natural forms, and fluctuates between abstraction and realism. She is particularly interested in capturing a sense of growth and life within her work, through using vibrant colours and a liveliness of marks. Caitlin is a prolific draughtswoman, considering drawing a vital part of her painting practice, whilst also celebrating drawing as a medium in and of itself. Whether using ink, oils or acrylic, Caitlin makes use of layering upon layer to create depth whilst maintaining sensitivity of marks.

Caitlin was first spotted by Unison Colour in the Mall Galleries Pastel Academy Annual Exhibition in 2021 where she won the Unison Colour Young Artist award and later became a Unison Colour Associate Artist.

To see more of her work you can visit her website or her instagram @caitlin_ _heslop

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