The Pastel Society Exhibition

On Monday 4th February 2019, we began our long journey down to London for the Pastel Society Exhibition. We had to make sure the precious cargo of Unison Colour pastel prizes were safe as we meandered our way across London on the tube. Those sets are heavy!

On arrival we were greeted by Jenny Halsted. The prizes were handed over and we confirmed the Unison Colour Prize winners.

  • Unison Member award (Jill Jeffrey – Way Back from Strumble)
  • Unison Non-Member award (Katrina Wallis King – Day’s End at Priddy )
  • Unison Young Artist award (Oliver Jones – Gold Leaf Mask II).
The Pastel Society Exhibition 1
Oliver Jones – Gold Leaf Mask II

With coffee in hand we began to look around the exhibition, the amount of talented artists who had dedicated so much of their time to create paintings was plain to see. The standard of work on display was simply fantastic. It was hard to concentrate on any one painting when there was so much magnificent art to look at. We were also proud that so many of our Unison Colour Associate Artists had done so well in the exhibition.

The Pastel Society Exhibition 2

We managed to speak to so many people including Felicity House, Sarah Bee, Oliver Jones, Lynn Howarth, Michele Ashby & Norma Stephenson.

The Pastel Society Exhibition 3
The Pastel Society Exhibition 4

On the long journey back to Northumberland it was time to reflect on the day & how fantastic it was to see the pastel medium being used in so many different ways.

The Pastel Society Exhibition 5
The Pastel Society Exhibition 6

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