Unison Colour Pastel Colours that Pop!

Each artist has their own colour palette and color preferences. Those who are familiar with my art style know that I do like incorporating bright vibrant colours into my artworks.

In this article I’ll share 6 pastel colours that I use actively and that make my artworks pop up!

And the curtain comes down…here they are.

Unison Colour Pastel Colours that Pop! 1
Additional 15

Let’s go in order.

My favourite #1 is Unison Colour A15.

Absolutely gorgeous bright pure red pigment that in combination with dark red colors makes beautiful light.

Actively use it whenever it comes to red berries, red glossy objects, etc.

Vividly coloured pastel paintings using Additional 15 pastel.
Additional 4 and 14

Next let’s move on to orange shades.

2 more beautiful pastels colours that I have in my palette: Unison Colour Orange 4 and A14.

2 bright orange pigments that will add a nice juicy mood into paintings.

Love and use these actively whenever it comes to fresh drinks, fruits, etc.

So we have 3 more to go.

Vividly coloured pastel paintings using Additional 4 and 14 pastels.
Additional 11

Next comes yellow Unison Colour A11 – pure sunshine in a stick! 

Perfect to highlights and adding shiny parts into glass objects, fruits. Often add it at the very final stage of painting.

Vividly coloured pastel paintings using Additional 11 pastel.
Green 28 and 30

And the last but not the least: 2 shades of green, Unison Colour Green 28 and Green 30.

So yummy and vibrant, but at the same time absolutely natural colors! Like pure color of summer green apples placed at a sunny place.

Vividly coloured pastel paintings using Green 28 and 30 pastels.

For sure that is not the full list of my favorites, but one of its most yummy parts! Happy drawing!

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12 Responses

  1. I love all the picks…..BG14 is my go to for a color pop. Its a turquoise that never fails to “bring it home”. Thank you Natalia for sharing. Your paintings are always spectacular.

  2. Hi I am ashok from india n I have art matiral showroom so I am interested in your prodect please sand your catalog n price list
    Thank you

  3. (Translated)Hello!
    What beautiful and powerful colors!
    Too bad that here in Chile the sale of Fine Arts products is so poor.
    What luck of those who can acquire them!

    Greetings from Santiago de Chile.

    Qué hermosos y potentes colores!
    Lástima que aquí en Chile la venta de productos de Bellas Artes sea tan pobre.
    Qué suerte de aquellos que pueden adquirirlos!

    Un saludo desde Santiago de Chile.

  4. love your images, and thank you for your colour choices. They all look stunning particularly the red and orange choices.

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