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What some of our Associate Artists Think

Here at Unison HQ, we know how beautiful our pastels are & how much time is taken in the creation of these soft pastels. However, this is what some of our Associate Artists have to say about them…

Self portrait in pastel, by Lynn Howarth.

As a pastel artist, my job is to render light – we are in effect chasing the light in every piece. With these magical little wands of pure pigment in your hand it actually feels like you are painting with light! The colours are pure, clear and buttery soft in consistency and application but not overly so and make less dust than any other brand I have used.”

“I was bewitched from the time I opened my first box and now for me there is no comparison – Unison you have cast your spell over me!.

Lynn Howarth
What some of our Associate Artists Think 1

I love the flexibility that working with Unison pastels brings; the variety of possible mark making with both dry and wet application plus the amazing colour range means I am able to explore and express my ideas in real depth. The texture is important too, and something that sets Unison apart from other makes of pastel; rich colour that blends beautifully on a variety of surfaces makes it a pleasure to work with.

Fiona Carvell
Profile photo of Denise Findlay.

My love affair with Unison Colour Pastels began as an art student. I coveted their beautiful hues and bought only 6 colours that I swore I could not live without.

21 years later I have collected a multitude of colours and sets. I have found no other soft pastels to possess such quality. They are highly pigmented and offer a beautiful, unique colour range. They are almost like paint with their marvellous buttery consistency.

“I am completely hooked!

Denise Findlay
A painting by Sandra Orme

Without Unison pastels, I would not be able to create the work I do today. The buttery yet consistent strength of the pastels lets me to build almost countless layers. This, alongside their gorgeous collection of subtle and vivid shades, has allowed me keep on developing my work and create evocative works of depth and range.

I genuinely feel that Unison pastels are the best pastels in the world.

Sandra Orme
Tricia Taylor category image.

I highly recommend Unison pastels. So soft and always consistent in their feel and application. The colours are just divine with so many soft blues, grey violets and intense turquoise that you can’t find anywhere else. I just love them.

As a Northern Artist, living and working relatively near to Unison HQ, I also feel immensely proud of what is a locally produced product. The care and attention that is given to creating each hand made, glorious stick of colour, is not only done to the highest standard, it is done in the UK and sent around the world. That, for me, is worth both celebrating and supporting.

Tricia Taylor
Les Darlow landscape piece.

With hundreds of delicious colours to choose from, Unison Pastels are undoubtedly one of the best pastels in the market place today. A consistency that is perfect for all types or papers, rough and smooth, this vibrant and professional pastel is always top of my list and my first choice for the studio. As a professional Artist, Tutor and Demonstrator, the tools of my trade has to be the best.

Les Darlow
Pastel painting by Emma Colbert.

Unison pastels have become my go-to palette in all my work. Whether it’s an animal, person, or landscape I know I’ll find that shade I need. Aside from their signature buttery texture, the colours work together in harmony. Once you try quality there’s no going back!

Emma Colbert

Associate Artist Recruitment

Are you a pastel artist? Do you use Unison Colour pastels? Would you like to be part of our Associate Artist family?

Lifelong Learner

For most of my life I assumed art was not for me, obviously I tried it at school, but I was never that good.

Working with a Limited Palette

Pastel is not a medium that you often think about mixing colour or limiting your palette. I have even heard it said, “You cannot mix colour with pastel.” I beg to differ.

Emma Colbert Live Q&A

We have a live Q&A session with Unison Colour Associate Artist, Emma Colbert, coming up on Wednesday 30th September at 6pm (GMT +1).

A pastel painting of a tabby cat, padding across a lawn.

Velour, Emma Colbert and the Beast from the East!

I can tell you the exact day I first picked up a Unison pastel: Tuesday February 27th 2018 – the Beast from the East gave me the day that every secondary school teacher hopes for – a Snow Day!

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