Online Soft Pastel Workshop

Botanical Still Life, with Caitlin Heslop

Saturday 29th June

Join Caitlin Heslop on Saturday 29th June for a pastel workshop to create a ‘Botanical Still Life’- this workshop works well as a follow on from her recent Vibrant Still Life pastel challenge, but also can be accessed as a stand alone session. Caitlin will talk you through the process of creating your botanical set up, choosing your colour palette, through to the finishing touches on your artwork.

Caitlin has a unique approach to using pastels, weaving colours together like a tapestry and this workshop will show clear demonstrations of how she creates this effect and how you can weave it into your own artwork.


Beginner's Guide To Soft Pastels

Beginner’s Soft Pastel Tips from Rebecca de Mendonça. If you’re new to soft pastels or have always wanted to try, this free PDF guide will help you Get Started.
John Hersey

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A 30 year journey into colour.

Be inspired by artists, and our pastels…

A selection of in-depth tutorials, giving you quality guidance, whatever your skill level.

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Colourful Chronicles

When asked to identify the color of a shadow, it is common to respond that it would be a darker color of whatever is in shadow.  A shadow of a tree on green grass would be a darker green.  A shadow of the same tree on dirt would be a darker brown.
On two sides looking out the windows is the woods, the view begins not four foot off the sidewalls where trees and open forest floor slope up and gently away. When the spring rain comes, water gathers in the high places and forms water falling streams that run toward and alongside the studio heading toward gathering ponds on the lower side.
It's been a little while since our last Challenge, so we’re very pleased to announce the forthcoming 5 Day Pastel Challenge: Vibrant Still Life with Caitlin Heslop, which will be held from Mon 3rd – Fri 7th June.
Here’s a terrifying thought. Put away the reference photo, pick up a Unison Colour soft pastel and paint. 
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