Unison Colour welcomes Peter Wood as an Associate Artist

Art, especially painting, is a part of my being, and as much needed for my well-being as food! I enjoy working in multi mediums and being able to explore my feelings about the abstract and figurative by making a statement in any way or mixture that best suits the subject. The main bulk of my work possibly relating to impressionism, light, mood, atmosphere, the moment, materials, texture, image, dimensions.

Being a natural teacher, film making and photography have enabled me to share these experiences, here and abroad, to a huge audience. I have been fortunate to have not only lived abroad, 8 years in France, but also visit and been a resident artist in the USA, Quebec, New Zealand, Cuba, Barbados, Norway, Hebrides, Ireland, to mention a few, plus stately homes and venues in the U.K.

About Peter...

Born a “Moonraker” not far from “Stonehenge” in Wiltshire, England, 6/6/51, the son of an R.A.F. family. His parents descended from Hampshire smugglers and Sussex horse dealers on his father’s side and Sussex aristocracy on his mothers.

As a child he travelled widely, including Singapore and the Far East. After boarding school, Colleges of Further Education and Technical College he was accepted for Hons. Degree at Camberwell College of Art, London. From there to Brighton University for his Post Graduate Teaching Qualification and then working in both the state and private sectors until 1994.

During this time he had also become qualified as an Advanced Clay Shooting Instructor, Archery Leader, Ski Leader, Canoeist, and Sailor. His skills now encompassed teaching all of the fine arts, drawing, painting in many mediums, ceramics and sculpture, woodcarving, mixed crafts, taxidermy and more.

His personal interests also include a wide taste in music, he makes and plays certain folk instruments, cooking, swimming and angling, natural history, photography and travelling.

National and International publications such as Leisure Painter, International Artist, the S.A.A, Lincolnshire Today, have each featured several articles by him.

In 2016 he was accepted as an artist within the “Washington Green” and Castle arts galleries.

2020 was invited to and joined Mysingulart.

He now has a home base and studio near Brigg in Lincolnshire, for winters. Plus developing a second home, studios and holiday home to share with other artists, friends and students, where Monet used to paint, near Fresselines in France.

Blog posts relating to Peter Wood

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Pastel Painting. Foundation Notes.

I have been invited to join you in writing a series of blogs/articles about my use of these colours. I will start with a basic foundation that may help those beginning.

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