Unison Colour welcomes RS Weinblatt as an Associate Artist

RS Weinblatt is an American Impressionist painter who moved to the south-west part of the U.S. some 18 years ago where he fell in love with nature and the landscape of New Mexico! It’s been an ongoing love affair ever since.

After receiving a B.A. in Fine Art at a prominent New York University, it was make-up artistry and fashion that kept this artist busy for 10 years. After much travel and a lot of visual input, it was the call of fine art and Pastel that reunited this artist with his intended purpose of creating a mood and a feeling, and expressing it with colour. The images in his work not only depict where he went and what he saw, but more importantly, how he felt about them!

Colour and value create the energy and vitality of life that flows through this artist’s work but it’s the light and her play on the Earth that are hallmarks that resonate strongly in this American Impressionist’s work.

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RS Weinblatt's work, featured in Chinese Gallery.

Congratulations to RS Weinblatt!

Congratulations to RS Weinblatt who is currently exhibiting in Tiyuan, China alongside none other than Andy Warhol! Rob is showing original paintings as well as silk screened silk scarves with his art featured on them.

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Daily Painting by RS Weinblatt

All of us as artists have busy lives! As it goes, some of the things we are obliged to have nothing to do with art! For me, as an artist and committed pastelist, I still, on a daily basis, strive to find that everyday time to paint, regardless of how little time I have.

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