Entering the annual UK Pastel Society Exhibition

I have been smitten with soft pastels for well over a decade now. It’s a form of addiction really – the immediacy and vibrancy being so hard to beat (and having used watercolour, oils and acrylics I still stand by that statement).

Moonlight Sonata, by Judy Tate
Moonlight Sonata by Judy Tate – successful entry in 2020

It has sometimes felt like an uphill struggle to find ‘my style’ – my eyes regularly being drawn to other artist’s wonderful work and recognisable signature mark making and colour use which for a long while I have felt I did not achieve.

From the Depths, by Judy Tate.
From the Depths by Judy Tate – successful entry in 2019

Whilst never wanting to emulate anyone, and certainly not copying other work, I do want, and need, to be inspired. Inevitably this led me to admiring from afar the annual Pastel Society exhibition held at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London now in its 122nd year. You need go no further to appreciate the versatility and scope of soft pastels and be assured of the highest standard in all the genres of soft pastel paintings and drawings.

Autumn, by Judy Tate.
Autumn by Judy Tate – successful entry in 2018

So, in 2013 I decided to ‘have a go’. I won’t hold back from telling you it’s tough competing against so many talented soft pastel/dry media artists. Be prepared for rejection and overjoyed if the news is positive. The bottom line is you submit online up to 6 entries (which need to be at least 80% dry media) which are juried (judged) and, if successful are hung in the international exhibition that year at The Mall Galleries in Pall Mall London.

Oro, by Judy Tate.
Oro by Judy Tate – successful entry in 2017

With applications every year since then, it took me until 2016 to have a piece accepted, and until 2019 to be put forward for membership – this part of the process being ongoing and not at all a ‘fait accompli’.

End of Summer, by Judy Tate.
End of Summer by Judy Tate – successful entry in 2016

So WHY do I do it? Good question I say, I certainly have asked myself this very thing many times. But, in fact, I can give you quite a few good reasons why.

I was not lucky enough to go to Art School so am largely self-taught. I did follow the Open College of Arts distance learning degree course and have built up my experience and learning from there on a pretty ad-hoc basis. What applying for the Pastel Society has focused me over the years can be summarised as follows:

  • Gaining experience in a professional situation
  • Needing to create a CV and artist’s statement
  • Committing to creating a body of work from scratch
  • Endeavouring to be different whilst true to ‘my style’
  • Having long term goals and working to deadlines
  • Achieving my very best creatively

All of those goals are good for me as an artist. So even if I never become a member of the Pastel Society the whole process takes me in the right direction. Of course, I will be hugely disappointed and may curse a bit 😀 but I will ultimately look on the bright side (I hope!).

Yorkshire Dales, by Judy Tate.
Yorkshire Dales by Judy Tate successful entry in 2015

So who are The Pastel Society and I quote……..?

“Encouraging the use of pastel within the contemporary art world. The Society was founded in 1898, and the first exhibition held in the Royal Institute in Piccadilly. Founder members and early exhibitors included Brangwyn, Degas, Rodin, Rothenstein, Whistler and G.F. Watts. There are currently over fifty-five Members who are professional artists living and working in this country and overseas. Membership is granted through a strict assessment of technical skill, originality, innovation and enthusiasm.

The Society pursues its aims through education and example. It is currently responsible for organising exhibitions, tutorial workshops, demonstrations and lectures throughout the UK. The Society’s major showcase is the Annual Exhibition held at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London. This is open to entries from both Members and Non-Members. Awards are made to works of particular note.”

And how does it work?

You can read all the ‘Conditions of Entry’ online at :


Be prepared if/when your work is accepted you will need to get it to London on a predetermined day for hanging. Obviously, no one knows what will be happening in February next year but currently the exhibition is scheduled for Wednesday 27th January – Saturday 13th February 2021

With deadline for entry Friday 4th December at midday.

What would I recommend you do in the first instance?

Even if you are not tempted to apply for the 2021 exhibition do go and see the hang at the Mall Galleries and be prepared to be bowled over by the breadth and quality of work on display. It’s a wonderful exhibition space with an equally tempting shop and café, very close to Trafalgar Square

If travelling to London is not possible you should also be able to view the exhibition online.

Take the opportunity to sign up for Pastel Society workshops (all details on their webpage). I have, over time, attended workshops with Felicity House, Tony Allain, Roger Dellar and John Tookey – none of their styles are like mine but nevertheless I gained so much in terms of learning and inspiration.

And if you do decide to enter in the future one thing I would advise you to bear in mind – there is a cost for each image entered (as is normal for most exhibitions of this nature) and, if chosen, your image will need to be professionally framed and transported to London. Please note there are special discounts for submissions by artists under 35 years old.

So be brave, and IF at first you are rejected don’t lose heart try, try and try again!

A Pink Letter Day!

So, like many other artists, I do get some scam emails, purporting to be interested buyers from overseas. It is a common problem. These scams are very clever and we need to be very alert to the issue.

Announcing More New Associate Artists

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17 responses

  1. I’m signed up with Unison and find most of the stuff posted very photographic/realistic rubbish .This set of work is the first to get me to write and the first to give me real pleasure in looking as someone with natural talent and vision of”looking” Thank you.

    1. Hello Harvey – I am blushing big time! Thank you for your stellar feedback it is very motivating! Best regards Judy PS feel free to sign up for my blog – I do not post a lot and good news only😀

  2. Really informative article and beautiful paintings. Thank you for introducing me to the work of this fabulous artist.

    1. Gillian thank you for such a lovely comment and delighted you like my paintings . I do have a blog page and an instagram account if you want to hear more. Best regards Judy

  3. I really enjoyed Judy’s paintings . Her colours are vibrant but well balanced and harmonious. A welcome break away from photo realism .I wish her success in the next Pastel Exhibition at the Mall.

    1. Hello Valerie – thank you for liking my paintings- I am rather addicted to colour but really appreciate you commenting on the balance and harmony – we get so close to our paintings it is sometimes hard to tell if the direction is right! I have a page on instagram and also a blog ( via my website ) so do feel free to follow me – I don’t think I post too much 😀

  4. I find it hard to get away from realism so I appreciated very much seeing these works. Spurring me on thank you

  5. Очень интересный художник! Её смелость и решительность могут быть примером для таких же не уверенных в себе самоучек! Я также набралась смелости и вступила в союэ пастелистов России… И отправила впервые на конкурс свои работы. Очень волнительный момент. Просто устала презирать себя за трусость… Послушала своих наставников! Что будет, неизвестно! Просто очень нравится рисовать пастелью, и не карандаш, и не масло, а цвет и рисунок! Волшебство!

  6. Hello Белянская Наталья I think you have kindly written …….”A very interesting artist! Her courage and determination can be an example for the same insecure self-taught! I also plucked up the courage and joined the soyue of pastelists of Russia … And for the first time I sent my works to the competition. A very exciting moment. I was just tired of despising myself for cowardice … I listened to my mentors! What will happen is unknown! I just really like to draw with pastels, and not a pencil, and not oil, but color and drawing! Magic!”
    It sounds as though we are on the same path – and you are right – pastels Are magic! Good luck with your competitions – keep going

  7. Hola!
    Felicitaciones! Realmente bellas sus pinturas. Hermosas las tonalidades que usa, como fantasía!

    Un saludo desde Santiago de Chile!

    1. Hola Ninoscka – I think you said “”Congratulations! Your paintings are really beautiful. Beautiful the shades it uses, like fantasy!
      Greetings from Santiago de Chile””
      Alittle bit of fantasy can only add to the intrigue I think ! Thank you for your lovely words
      Gracias – Judy

  8. That was an inspiring read. thank you for sharing your journey and determination. So many good tips there and so generous with your advice.
    I agree with the other comments about how good it is to see a more abstracted style filled with colour. Also thank you for flagging up the Pastel society yearly exhibition that is something to plan to visit hopefully next year and see your work in situ!

  9. Good morning Julie thank you so much for your lovely message ! I really am delighted you find it useful, Colour is my addiction which keeps me happy. The Pastel Society exhibition this year was postponed but is now due to go ahead in July – all info on the Pastel Society website ( and the Mall Galleries one as well)
    Happy Creativity!

  10. LOVE your style and I echo what the other comments say about it being a refreshing relief from so much ubiquitous photo realism 🙂

    Your colour choices are just gorgeous, and inspirational!

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