Associate Artist Recruitment

The Associate Artists of Unison Colour (AAUC) programme has been established since 2016. With 70 Artists currently working with us, we are looking for 10 Unison Colour pastel artists from across the world.

The aim of the AAUC is to have a group of artists that we recognise as being talented ambassadors for Unison Colour soft pastels. These artists endorse our brand and are as passionate as we are about pastels as an art medium.

Fiona Carvell

Cathy Pearce

What type of artist are we looking for?

  • Amateur or professional artists who use Unison Colour pastels as their main medium (mixed media artists accepted)
  • Comfortable using social media to promote and influence
  • Produce great artwork using Unison Colour pastels

What would you have to do?

  • Produce a minimum of 1 blog every 2 months for Unison Colour.
  • Produce video or written content for our Pastel Academy
  • Actively promote Unison Colour.
  • Actively participate in our Unison Colour Facebook Group.
  • Actively encourage followers to join our Facebook Group and follow @unisoncolour on Instagram.
  • Tag us in social media posts.
  • Take part in 3 x Zoom catch up calls per year with the Associate Artist Account Manager
  • Assist Unison Colour with projects where necessary.

Sue Kerrigan-Harris

Nina Squire

What do you get in return?

  • A section about you on our Associate Artist section of our website (~80k monthly views)
  • Promotion of your art via our social media channels (15.1K Instagram followers, 9K Facebook Community Group, 16K Likes Facebook Page)
  • Work with us on projects that will benefit the wider pastel community.
  • Beneficial pricing structure specifically for Associate Artist.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to support you.

Testimonials from Current Associate Artists

"As an Active Associate Artist I have taken part in major online teaching projects which have not only boosted my profile, confidence and audience but have also enabled me to expand my wider teaching experience whilst also developing my tech skills.

I have enjoyed the extra level of communication which comes with the role not only with members of the Unison Colour team but also with fellow Associate Artists. Unison Colour have been so supportive too with the various pastel projects in my own art practice and I am always very happy to return that support in any way I can as it is such an honour to be given this role and work so closely with the company."
"I’ve loved working with Unison Colour for just over a year, it’s been a fantastic opportunity and given me new skills and audiences. During my recent Unison Colour 5 Day Challenge, I worked with a group of over 1500 artists from all over the globe to explore and inspire pastel painting using Durdle Door in Dorset for inspiration. The Unison Colour Community is incredible, there’s so much support for both the artist and student. It’s been a huge encouragement for both my work as an artist and tutor."
"Unison Colour have been very supportive of my progression as an Artist and provided some great opportunities to further my career during the past few years. I have taken part in online demonstrations and pastel challenges as well as exhibiting my work, all with backing and support from Unison Colour, which has helped to raise my profile professionally as well as provide income.

I am a great believer in championing UK made products and Unison Colour is a fantastic example of a high-quality product, which produces brilliant results."
"Working with Unison Colour soft pastels has been an amazing experience for me! The staff at Unison Colour are so friendly and helpful, it is a joy to work with them. I have found that it's helped my confidence and boosted my career in my chosen path as a soft pastel tutor. I feel honoured to be associated with such a prestigious brand.

If you are thinking about joining Unison Colour, I thoroughly recommend it, dive on in, you won't regret it!"

Application Process

How do you apply?

Using the form below, supply us with a short statement of why you would like to become an Associate Artist and what you can do to help promote both Unison Colour & pastel as a contemporary medium

Submit 2 x paintings.

Include any Social Media links

Closing date 1st May 2022.

Application Form

NOTE: The form may not work on tablets and phones, so if you wish, you can also send all the information direct to Helen at [email protected]

Closing date: 1st May 2022

Include 2 paintings...

Max file size: 10mb

.jpg and .png only

Add links to your social media channels...

Leave any blank that you don't use.

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