The Pastel Boutique

We have many pastel sets that are geared towards specific uses, such as landscapes, seascapes and portraits, plus a fantastic range of starter sets to help you find your own way into pastel art, and you can double your colour intake with our half stick sets.

We currently have the full range of colours available to purchase as single pastels in small stick size.

The Special Edition sets have been created with a particular theme in mind, or with a focus on a particular colour range.
The Classic Sets were largely compiled by John Hersey, and are geared towards a particular discipline.
The Artist Sets have been collated by our Associate Artists, and are designed to give insight into how the artists work, and a head start in forming your own palette.

The Full Set of 380 Unison Colour pastels.

COMING SOON – Sets created by Associate Artists, as used in their workshops.

Stick Size

Half stick

Length: 2.5cm
Width: 1.2cm

Small stick

Length: 5cm
Width: 1.2cm

Large stick

Length: 7.3cm
Width: 2.4cm

Please do bear in mind that our pastels are hand made from a variety of traditional pigments, all of which have their own characteristics. This means that size does fluctuate ever so slightly, and the softness varies between the different colours. We do, of course, keep well within our criteria for the perfect pastel, but if the pastels you’ve received don’t quite live up to your expectations, please get in touch and we’ll make sure it’s put right.


Please note that during this period, we can’t allow visits to our premises.

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