Associate Artist Intake for 2022

It seems a while ago since we asked for applications from artists to become an Associate Artist and wow the applications came in thick and fast. So much so it took our Unison Helen a good while to get through them all.

We were seriously impressed by the calibre of the applicants and wished we could have taken on more but alas we were unable to.

After sifting through and holding Zoom chats, the final artists were chosen. The artists who will be joining us are:

Daniel Thomas

Cindy Barillet @cindybarillet

Tricia Findlay

Jeri Greenberg

Julie Skoda

Dawn Limbert

Daniel O’Brien

Pete Force

Emily Towler

Emma Hunt

Teresa Seals

Stephen Fuller

Regina Hona

Darren Hughes

Su Melville

Arild Frisnes

Making Water Look Water blog by Regina Hona.

Making Water Look Wet

Many artists have a fascination with water and enjoy capturing it in their work. I’m one of them!

Interview With An Associate Artist: Nel Whatmore

In today’s ‘Interview with an Associate Artist’ we’ll be chatting to Nel Whatmore.  Nel has been a professional artist for 35 years and is the joint founder of the New Pastel School with Rebecca de Mendonça.

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