Pastel Society Young Artist Award 2021 Winner – Caitlin Heslop

Caitlin Heslop was awarded the Unison Colour sponsored Young Artist award at this year’s Pastel Society Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, the exhibition was held online. The exhibition has been postponed until August 2021.

As usual there were many talented young artists which made our role of choosing the winner very difficult. However, Caitlin’s painting caught our eye with her style and vibrancy of using pastels and the colours simply bounced out from the painting. It was obvious that she was our worthy winner.

Pastel Society Young Artist Award 2021 Winner – Caitlin Heslop 1
St Agnes II 2020, by Caitlin Heslop

Caitlin is a relative newbie to soft pastels having only used them since May 2020. Caitlin had predominantly worked using oil and ink, but she wanted to try soft pastels and after asking for advice, she was recommended to try Unison Colour soft pastels. Her parents bought her the starter set for her birthday and she instantly fell in love with their buttery texture and the rich colours that are produced. Soft pastel has injected a new way of working for Caitlin.

We have sponsored 3 categories at The Pastel Society Exhibition for several years and it is a great honour to award talented pastel artists. For 2021 we wanted to try something different in the way in which we sponsored the Young Artist award. For this year Unison Colour will be working with Caitlin in the same way that we work with our current Associate Artists. Caitlin will also benefit from mentorship from Tony Allain. Tony is not only one of our Associate Artist’s, but he is also a member of the Pastel Society UK, an associate of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, a signature member of The Pastel Society of America, a Master of the Pastel Artists of New Zealand and a member of the Master Circle of the International Association of Pastel Societies and an award-winning pastel artist. We believe that Tony is a perfect choice to help Caitlin with advice or support she requires.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog from Caitlin and follow her on Instagram @caitlin__heslop.

*Caitlin is currently exhibiting some of her work at @Blueshopcottage

Caitlin’s website

Pastel Society Young Artist Award 2021 Winner – Caitlin Heslop 4
Caitlin Heslop

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7 Responses

  1. Очень нравится открывать для себя новые имена, талантливых художников. Испытываю восторг от творчества, от нового взгляда, от новой гаммы цвета и тени. На моем лице сразу непроизвольно появляется счастливая улыбка, должно быть вид глуповатый, но ничего не могу с этим поделать. Вот и в этих работах неожиданный взрыв цвета, который подчёркивает солнечный яркий цвет моря. Юный талант!

  2. Congratulations Caitlin, I love the juxtaposition of your colours creating beautiful, lively energetic marks. Especially wonderful to see you perched on that rock plein-air absorbing the spirit of the place as you work within it. Look forward to seeing future work

  3. Congratulations to Caitlin. I
    Believe she has a very bright future. Your mark making is very strong and extremely effective with some lovely light effects. Well done!

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