New Lucy Pittaway 18 Set

An exclusive colour collection: discover Lucy’s hand-picked pastel set

Own your unique Lucy Pittaway Artist Set, in collaboration with soft pastel makers Unison Colour.

New Lucy Pittaway 18 Set 1

Lucy’s award-winning artwork has earned acclaim for its captivating colours, engaging textures and uplifting style.

Art lovers will know Lucy’s chosen medium is soft pastel, loved by the artist as it offers a playful creative process. Lucy can blend and move colourful pigments across her board to form the striking shapes and atmospheric details that bring her scenes to life.

Lucy Pittaway painting in her studio.

The materials used by an artist during the creative process are very important. They are the medium through which artists express their imaginings and dreams. Good art materials are like old friends- they are reliable, valued, and spend a great deal of time getting to know the artist’s inner-self.

Lucy said: “Early in my career I worked in Graphic Design. Much of this was done digitally and, although I loved the creative process, there is nothing better than working with tangible, often messy creative materials.”

Lucy Pittaway applying green pastel to her painting.

Delving into the story behind the Unison Colour pastels, with whom Lucy is an Associated Artist, it is lovely to discover that the creators of these small pieces of pigment echo her own journey as an artist devoted to locality and landscape.

Lucy Pittaway painting a Tour de Yorkshire artwork in her studio.

Excitingly, Lucy is bringing out her own Artist’s set, in collaboration with Unison Colour.

Lucy said: “Unison Colour produce outstanding pastels that allow me to bring quality to my work. They have a lightfastness and longevity that I really value. The colours in this set are chosen specially by me to reflect what my work brings to the art market- playfulness, vibrancy, and real moments of happiness. 

“I hope experienced and new artists alike will enjoy this colour collection – I would love to see what people create using the hand-picked palette.”

What’s in the set?
Grey 36
Grey 28
Grey 26
Grey 24
NE 15
ADD 39
Light 16
BG 12
BG 3
BV 18
Yellow 10
Yellow 8
Red 3
ADD 15
Red 7
Green 12
Green 28
Green 13

Find out more and collect your Artist Set at: or click the set below.

Read more about Lucy as an associated artist with Unison Colour:

Lucy Pittaway Named The ‘UK’s Most Popular Selling Published Artist’

Yorkshire artist Lucy Pittaway has been named the UK’s ‘Most Popular Selling Published Artist’ 2018 by the Fine Art Trade Guild at their annual awards in London, reflecting not only the number of pieces of artwork sold, but additionally chosen against the popularity and following of the artwork.

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2 Responses

  1. (Translated)Lucy’s work is not familiar to me, but thanks to the Unison team for getting to know new talents! An interesting color scheme, its own unique style Lucy!

    (Original)Творчество Люси мне не знакомо, но спасибо команде Юнисон за знакомство с новыми талантами! Интересная цветовая гамма, свой неповторимый стиль Люси!

  2. Hi Lucy,l am also a Yorkshire lass who loves pasteling.l am sorry to say,l don’t know your work,but will do so soon.Thanks to Unison for introducing different artists.

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