Announcing More New Associate Artists

We can now announce our second group of new Associate Artists to Unison Colour. Our Associate Artists perform a fantastic role for Unison Colour and we are proud to welcome the following people…

Heavens I, by Alisa Simones.

Alisa Semones

As an artist I see the hand of the Creator all around me, not just in beautiful scenery, but in frequently overlooked, even “mundane” beauty. The landscape has always been my passion; it is what inspired me to be an artist.

Landscape pastel painting by Andrew Moodie

Andrew Moodie

For as long as Andrew can remember, he has loved and been inspired by art. He managed to continue to draw and paint throughout a busy first career as a lawyer and, since retiring (slightly) early at the end of 2018, he has relished the opportunity to follow his passion full time.

Three Queens, by Estelle Robinson

Estelle Robinson

Unlike many, I lack imagination which may come across as unusual for an artist. All it means is that I need to have my subject in front of me be it a photo or from life. I am inspired by colour, expression, good light or anything that catches my eye with the challenge being to create the perfect tones and shadows, I love contrast.

Willow Point, by Eveline Miller.

Eveline Miller

Eveline was born in Bruxelles, Belgium. She moved to New York with her family and settled in the Hudson River Valley, rich in panoramic vistas.

At The Edge, by Greg Drumm.

Greg Drumm

I’m a self taught artist whose love for drawing and painting stems way back to my school days. It was during a workshop I had an epiphany, that eureka moment, when I was introduced to the world of pastel painting. I just fell in love with the hands on technique.

Anini Adapted, by Helen Turner.

Helen Turner

Like a stick of bright pigment in a Unison pastel set, I find myself in colorful company, and happy to be here! I live on the west side of Kauai Island, Hawaii. I have lived here for over 40 years and delight in the diversity of the micro climates from green ocean shallows to arid, canyon vistas.

Orange & Pearl, by Jack Barnhill

Jack Barnhill

Jack Vincent Barnhill is a professional artist skilled in multiple medias. He currently teaches at the Naples Art Center and provides private classes. Although largely self-taught, Jack has studied at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, under Linda Jo Russell, Chris Warner, Franklyn Liegel and Laddie John Dill.

Pity The Nation, by Jane Frere

Jane Frere

No matter what the subject, the images I produce need to be dynamic, energetic and most importantly create an impact – to make a noise. Having experimented and explored in a variety of media over years, I have found pastel to be the most dynamic and immediate of all media suitable for many of my subjects.

Friends, by Judt Tate.

Judy Tate

I am very lucky to live and work in Dorset where inspiration is on our doorstep. I have been drawn to painting with soft pastels for a long time now, finding the versatility, immediacy and vibrancy hard to beat. Underlying all of my work is a love of colour and the excitement of seeing how far I can take it.

Delicate Morning, by Juliana Limeira

Juliana Limeira

Juliana Limeira was born in Brasilia, Brazil in 1978. Since she was little, Juliana was interested in fine arts and theater. At the age of 13 she attended drawing classes and at the age of 15 she won a drawing competition with a travel awards to the USA. To that age she used to travel to visit exhibitions and museums in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Juliana graduated in Visual Arts at University of Brasília in 2002.

Sundown in Leigh-on-Sea, by Julie Swan.

Julie Swan

Julie was born in 1961 in the Thames Estuary town of Leigh-on-Sea and grew up with a deep connection to the world of marine life, the sea, sailing, fishing boats, sunsets and sunrise. Julie followed her marine calling by turning down a place at art college to go to sea and work on the cruise ships. She continues to be fascinated by boats and anything associated with estuaries and big skies.

Announcing More New Associate Artists 1

Kaitlyn Flis

Kaitlyn Flis is an artist from Saskatchewan, Canada. She was first introduced to Unison Pastels after joining Instagram in the fall of 2018, and was inspired by other Associate Artists. There is something about getting her hands dirty and actually spreading the pigments across the paper that draws her in. She finds the layering and bright colours mesmerizing and wants to push the boundaries to see what can be created.

A modern day version of The Lady Of Shallot, by Katy Bailey.

Katy Bailey

Katy Bailey’s work is a diary in paint. She follows her passions about nature and sustainability to try to find new ways of communicating these with the viewer. The underlying theme and subject matter revolve around nature, specifically woodlands.

Wild Swans, by Kay Cullen.

Kay Cullen

I’ve had a passion for drawing and painting since I was a young child. Everyday events on the farm, the people and family around me, and the beautiful Mountains of Mourne inspired and motivated me to make Art.

Pilgrim's Haven, by Liz Myhill.

Liz Myhill

My work is driven by the spontaneous nature of being outside drawing on location, there is always the thrill of possibility and new discoveries even when visiting places I know well. The experience of spending time observing may be as little as a fleeting glimpse of wildlife which etches itself into my memory and is quickly sketched out or a place known all of my life and returned to numerous times with full drawing kit.

On The Hudson, by Mary Swan.

Mary Swan

I was born in the congested, built up, grimy town of London, UK. Drawing and painting were the first occupations I remember as a child which totally engrossed me. It still does and always will.

Bradley, by Meral Altiler

Meral Altilar

I attended the Leeds College of Art and Design, specialising in textile and surface pattern. I was inspired by curves and delicate shapes and textures using a range of different mediums in 2 dimensional and sculpture work. After college I was uncertain of the career path I wanted to take as an artist and later attended university and qualified as an occupational therapist working within brain injury rehabilitation for over 13 years and this opened the floodgates of creativity!

Trattoria Rialto, Venice, by Neva Rossi

Neva Rossi

Born in Laredo, Texas, Neva grew up not far from there in the small ranching town of Hebbronville. She spent her early years reading books, riding horses and climbing trees. Neva’s work is featured in juried exhibitions on National and International levels, including the 16th Annual Pastel 100 Competition where she received an Honorable Mention Award.

It's a gas, by Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith

Nigel describes himself as an artistic hack trying desperately to become an outsider artist. As a lifelong sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks he found that doodling and scribbling helped him focus attention. Fast forward a couple of years and under the umbrella Hope & Mania, Nigel produces canvases and t- shirts with 20% of any profit he makes going to Papyrus the young person’s suicide prevention charity.

Maple, by Rhonda Abrams

Rhonda Abrams

The act of painting and drawing is a record of the moment of looking. I paint outside or in front of a person or still life, and this physical connection ties me, and my picture, to a time and place. I like the immediacy, convenience, and ethereal nature of pastel to create finished work and for making studies for oil paintings. I use Unison pastels because of the soft texture and intensity of colour.

Strand on the Green, by Steve Hall.

Steve Hall

I grew up in a wonderful family environment in the Cotswolds where, from an early age, I had always wanted to capture the countryside around me. In recent years I have worked in acrylic but, more especially, in the medium of pastel, which has proved to be one of the most exciting periods of my painting career.

Be Still, by Susan Klabak

Susan Klabak

Artist Susan Magsig Klabak is an award-winning pastel painter known for her expressive landscape paintings. Born in Ohio, Klabak grew up on a small farm where she developed an appreciation for the land.

Pharaoh, by Tracey Maras.

Tracey Maras

Tracey Maras is best known for her realistic pastel paintings of the natural world around us and life interacting with it. Working with pure pigment, her pieces are vibrant yet intimate views of Central Illinois and beyond.

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A soft pastel painting of a tree during golden hour.

Discovering Reflected Color

When asked to identify the color of a shadow, it is common to respond that it would be a darker color of whatever is in shadow.  A shadow of a tree on green grass would be a darker green.  A shadow of the same tree on dirt would be a darker brown.

Seeing The Sea

Aloha fellow artists, I am writing from my little island in the Pacific. My name is Helen Turner and I live on the western most part of Kaua’i in the Hawaiian island chain.

Achieving Enlightenment

For a painting to work effectively, it should include a range of values as well as a variety of warm and cool colors. In addition, color harmony will be more successfully achieved when utilizing a limited palette.

An Artist’s Handwriting

Your handwriting is as unique and distinct as you are. Regardless of how we were taught to write, we each develop our own style. Immediately recognizable to those who know us.

A blog from artist, Tracey Maras.

I Don’t Remember It Looking Like That

The sky is filled with the dance of so many colors.  You quickly snap some photos to capture the moment, thinking to yourself about how you are going to create a painting to memorialize this moment.

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  1. I am greatly impressed. It is amazing and lovely how many females love this medium. Their pastels are fantastic. The president of our Xch Arts Guild is female and very very highly skilled.

  2. I cannot wait for your next round of new Associate Artists entries as will send my work for sure. Using Unison for more than 8years now has made my art journey so much more enjoyable, allowing me things that any other pastel brand does not.

  3. Such an inspirational page. Thank you for encouraging me to try new techniques and develop my art. What an incredibly talented group of artists.

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A soft pastel painting of a tree during golden hour.

Discovering Reflected Color

When asked to identify the color of a shadow, it is common to respond that it would be a darker color of whatever is in shadow.  A shadow of a tree on green grass would be a darker green.  A shadow of the same tree on dirt would be a darker brown.

Garden of Colour and Flight

On two sides looking out the windows is the woods, the view begins not four foot off the sidewalls where trees and open forest floor slope up and gently away. When the spring rain comes, water gathers in the high places and forms water falling streams that run toward and alongside the studio heading toward gathering ponds on the lower side.

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